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Sundarbans National Park

The Sundarbans National Park is a renowned National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve in the Indian state of West Bengal. The park was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1977 and as a national park on 4th May 1984. This UNESCO World Heritage site covers 4624 square kms of area just in India. It has the world's largest delta formed by three rivers - Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. Sundarbans National Park is a living dream of every wildlife as well as lover. Most part of the park is blanketed with mangrove forests. Tiger spotting remains a major attraction here which lures travellers from all over the planet. The royal Bengal tigers look majestic with their grand aura and beauty. Visitors can also capture Leopard, Indian Rhinoceros, Javan Rhinoceros, Swamp Deer and Hog Deer in their camera lens which are found here in high density.

Sundarbans National Park is also a great place to see beautiful regional and migratory birds. Some of the most common birds found here include openbill storks, black-capped kingfishers, red junglefowl, spotted doves, common mynahs, jungle crows, black-headed ibis, water hens, coots, etc.

Flora of Sundarbans National Park is as diverse as its fauna. The park is blanketed with mangrove vegetation, including 64 plant species. Visiting this wildlife heaven is a beautiful experience which lets you fall in love with some hidden charms of nature.

Best Season to Visit

The best time to explore the beauty of Sunderbans is during winter months between December and February. Though the park remains open from September to March, winter months bring beautiful migratory birds here which make a charming sight to behold.

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